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Animal Care Tips

We all want to provide the best care we can for our furbabies. On this page we share some tips and tidbits we've come across that may be of interest.

Of course there's the usual disclaimer - always consult your vet, we're not liable for misuse of info found here, use common sense, yata yata.

Potbelly pigs are amazing animals. Read more about them from our fact sheet:

Potbelly Pig Fact Sheet

"Mini," "Teacup" Pigs:

Teacup Pigs
Good concept but they don't exist. Get the facts at

This little piggy went ... home!

Article written by Yvonne, Pig Manager at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Help! Zoning has come calling and I might have to give up my pig!

Don't panic. Before you get your snout in an uproar check this website out: Here you will find a pot belly full of info, resources and allies.

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