Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor
Smith & Agli's Farmhouse

Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor

Phone: 401-295-4241

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We welcome visits!

The animals ask that you make an appointment before visiting to ensure the humans are available to give you their full attention.

Or can give us a call at 401-295-4241. If you would like to volunteer please call rather than email so we can discuss what you wish to do. Best time to call is in the evening or on weekends.

***If you have a cat, dog or other pet we unfortunately are not able to help you. If you search Google using "Rhode Island animal rescues" a list of resources will come up.

Email: If you wish to volunteer please call us at 401-295-4241 so we can discuss your individual talents.

Swine Flu Notice

A notice to volunteers-please be aware that effective immediately we ask that everyone volunteering at our farm have a flu shot.

We have spoken with our veterinarians regarding vaccinating the animals against the swine flu and given the limited efficacy of the vaccine we have decided that for the safety of the volunteers and the animals the best course of action is for all of us who work on the farm to be vaccinated. Flu shots are available at most pharmacies as well as through your physician.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor
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